Bill Would Overturn Last Week's BRAC Recommendations

Contact: Antonia Ferrier (202) 224-5344
Thursday, May 19, 2005


WASHINGTON, DC-Senators Snowe and Collins have joined a group of their colleagues in cosponsoring legislation that would postpone BRAC and make null and void last week's BRAC recommendations, which include closure of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, realignment of the Brunswick Naval Air Station and closure of DFAS at Limestone. The bill would require that a set of criteria be met before the Department of Defense could proceed with closing or realigning domestic bases. Both Senators have previously pressed for a postponement of BRAC.

"It makes no sense from either a military strategic and national security standpoint for our military bases and Department of Defense support offices to be closed or realigned at this juncture. We are in the midst of a war, the Secretary of Defense is still in the process of determining the fate of returning units from oversees bases, and our national security needs are greater than ever. In addition, the loss of the bases in Maine would be devastating to our economy and would result in the loss of dedicated, highly-skilled workers who are crucial to our military," said the Senators in a joint statement. "It is far more prudent to delay BRAC until our military requirements are more certain," they added.

The legislation that would postpone BRAC was authored by Senator Thune (R-SD). Senators Snowe and Collins are original cosponsors. Specifically, the bill would postpone BRAC until the following is accomplished:

The complete analysis, consideration, and implementation by the Secretary of Defense of the recommendations of the Overseas Basing Commission;