Dealing with conflict at work

March 22, 2004

DEAR WW: I've been battling with a co-worker for a long time. I'd like to end the conflict once and for all. Can you tell me how?


DEAR HATFIELD: Your e-mail reminded me of a conflict at the New Salem Missionary Baptist Church. The parishioners there voted 67-10 to fire their pastor. His crime? He refused to reschedule a consecration service that conflicted with the Super Bowl.

The pastor learned the hard way that a little flexibility goes a long way toward keeping people happy. It's no different when dealing with conflict at work. I've listed strategies below to help you take your conflict to a better place. For more, check out "The Portable Mentor" by Cy Charney (AMACOM, 2003).

Use these strategies to address your conflict and your prayers will be answered.