Walt Handelsman

Tiger Woods Troubles

Tiger Woods has had his share of, um, issues, since Thanksgiving, hasn't he? No one was seen him since that fateful car crash, but here comes Tiger Woods right down...

The Mood of America

This innocent little reporter wants to find out how America is feeling these days about various topics. Uh oh!

Updated nursery rhymes

Move over Mother Goose, these kids are giving you a rewrite!

Heathcare debate

If singing helps you feel better, then this animation could help solve the healthcare debate.

More stimulus

Is the economy getting better? Depends on who you ask, but here's a stimulus plan for you to deal with.

The Bummer of '09

The Woodstock generation copes with today's realities.

America's Car Crush

Remember when cars were cars?

Republicans Sing the Blues

The Grand Old Party is moping around Washington wondering what went wrong.

Worst Slide Story

Bernie Madoff makes Bernardo look like a softie.

Recession game shows

What if your favorite game shows adapted to the economic downturn?


Barack Obamas $800 billion economic stimulus takes a new, um, turn.

The Dream

A vidoe short for Barack Obamas inauguration.

The Senate

Some U.s. Senate seating shenanigans are going on behind close doors.

Move over Frosty

This holiday season, Uncle Sammy Claus is handing out a lot of money, but only the naughty need apply.

The Bush-Obama White House tour

What really happened when George W. Bush gave President-elect Barack Obama a tour of the White House.

Obama Mania

The honeymoon is in full swing for President-elect Barack Obama.

Decisions, Decisions

Some people find it next to impossible to make one.

The Economy

The economic outlook isn't too peachy, according to this newscaster.

Pistol Packin' Palin

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is gunning for the Democrats.

It's Convention Time Again!

There are more clowns than in a circus tent in this new animation about the upcoming political conventions.

McCain Vs. Obama

The Summer Olympics

The Meeting

Hillary and Barack's secret meeting is interrupted by Bill.

High gas prices

High gas pirces have Americans screaming for HELP!

Those were the days

Move over Edith and Archie, George and Dick sing about the good old days in this, All in the Family parody.

Its 3 a.m.

A paraody on the Hillary clinton campaign ad

Frisky Business

Bill Clinton sings about being back in the White House

Super Tuesday

Get ready for the biggest voting day of the election season!

Toxic Toys

Concerned parents seek a solution to the toxic toy troubles.

Baby Boomers

Aging boomers struggle to stay young

Political Theater

Rudy get a ringing endorsement from his wife

2008 Web Campaigns

Check out the way the Presidential Candidates are using the web

What they say...What we Hear!

A refreshingly funny look at political sound bites


King Cheney sings about his ideal world

2007 Summer Camp Guide

An introduction to the strangest camps of the Summer season

Off We Go

George and Dick take us on a high-flying Mission Accomplished tour

Barack Obama

Hillary sings about her charismatic opponent

Political Reality Show

America's top contenders fight for a chance to live in The White House

Political Fashion Show

Hillary, Rudy, Barack Obama and others strut down the catwalk with the hottest designs of 2007

Iraq Surge

Walt's first animation of 2007 offers a cinematic preview of the Bush administration's newest war plan

The 2006: Handy Holiday Gift Guide

The Hottest gift selections for the Pop Culture fanatics and Political Junkies on your list

The Midterms Greatest Hits

A rock and roll recap of the election seasons winners and losers

Campaigning for Dummies

An inside look at the not-so-subtle art of negative political ads

Congressional Page Scandal

Creepy emails and sleazy instant messages have Capitol Hill pages running for cover


All the latest news stories are explored in this second installment of Walt's hilarious network news parody

Political Football Season

Check out the action between the Washington Elephants and the DC Donkeys as their rivalry begins to heat up again

New Orleans: A Year after Katrina

President Bush takes us on a heckuva tour

Pirates of the Constitution

Dead Eye Dick and his trusty parrot been plunderin' the Constitution... Aaarghh!!!

The Crazy Bunch

A musical introduction to the characters who make our world so dangerous

The Blame Game

The Democrats face-off against the Republicans in this fast-paced political game show

Ann Coulter

Attacking the 9/11 widows then singing all the way to the bank.

Gay Marriage

Bush holds a press conference to clarify his position on banning gay marriage


Bop along as spies sing about our phone calls

Bird Brain Flu

There is no remedy for the goofy Behavior spreading across our nations Capitol

Pain in the Gas

Americans respond to record-high gas prices

No place like home

Washington becomes the land of OZ in this epic sing-a-long

News Flash

A knee-slapping network news parody

Port Problems

Journey to the bottom of the polls

Political Olympics

Walt's first-ever animation takes the gold medal for funny

Domestic Spying

Bush explains the importance of eavesdropping